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About Oliva

Oliva is the creative partnership between kindred spirits Xochitl Martinez & Felipe Oliveira, based in Los Angeles, USA.

As a channel to express their deep love for inspiring songwriting and groovy rhythms from around the world, Oliva tastefully crafts songs blending influences from Latin-American and African music, with Rock, Pop, R&B, Jazz, and Classical music.

Oliva believes in art as healing and its needed place in a world that is fragmented and steeped in unnecessary suffering. A platform to share a message of inner growth, unity and peace, and true recognition and re-connection among people.

Xochitl is a violinist, singer-songwriter, poet, and arranger. A graduate of the School of Music and Dance from Monterrey, Mexico she brings in influences from classical training and love for world music.

Felipe is a graduate of drum performance from the Cornel School of Contemporary Music in Los Angeles. As a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and composer from Brazil he brings in a long time passion for rhythm to the mix.

Oliva’s debut EP “Flow” was released in December 2021. It is an eclectic multi-style musical expression with a message about the inner world as well as the outer. Oliva sings about the joys and challenges of being human; about becoming more conscious, with a conscience. And an invitation to dance and celebrate it! Groove with a heart!

Xochitl Martinez & Felipe Oliveira
Design by Oliva
Illustration by Alvian (@ilvstrasi)
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Oliva loves symbols! The frame and foliage represent the two musicians. The symmetry speaks of our similarities and the asymmetrical foliage and flowers are our different contributions. Flowers, our creation, grow out of the foliage.

The landscape is a window into the duality of life. Dark clouds and a tornado are on the left in the distance; a bright sky and sunlit field on the right. The pendulum of life.

The snail is our album’s animal spirit. It represents the essence of our message through this album. Carrying its own shell it is always Home, as it flows with grace and patience through life.

The snail is on the window sill, leaving the picture frame, as if detaching from, or transcending duality.


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